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Bass fretting hand posture

Placing your fingers on the neck of a bass guitar.

How to Position Your Left Hand | Bass Guitar

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Left hand form sm

Bassist's left hand

One Finger Per Fret


Aim for the middle to the end of the fret with your fingers. This helps avoid rattling by giving you a strong angle of contact on the fret wire, ...

Basic Issues for Bass Playing

How to place your hand on the neck of a bass guitar.

Left Hand Finger Position on Bass Guitar Fretboard

Bass Guitar Right Hand Rest Stroke pic. 2

Notice that the neck is still angled upward and the bass is in essentially the same position relative to the upper body as it was when standing.

Developing Good Guitar Fretting Hand Technique


How to Fret_Guitar

The Moving Thumb Technique

…and ...

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Good fret hand position

Cover one fret per finger.

... where my index finger meets my hand touching the bottom of the neck) or like this (i play this if im trying to play the "correct way"), with my wrist ...

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Beginner's Notes – The Correct Thumb Position

Fretting Hand Position When Playing The Guitar

Classical thumb position - the thumb is parallele to the frets and fingers and placed in

left hand guitar technique -thumb placement

2 Great Tips For The Perfect Fretting Hand Technique (L#150)


My ...

Left hand form rear sm

Developing Safe Left Hand Technique for Bass Guitar

How to Hold a Bass Guitar

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The ...

I first got briefly introduced with proper posture and good practice habits by Al Di Meola's chords, scales and arpeggios book. For me he is just one of the ...

Good thumb position

"Modified" right-hand position. “

Guitar Technique for Beginners 1: Hands, fingers and strengthening exercises

Image One.

If your bass is hanging too low (as is fashionable in some rock bands), it will change the angle at which your hands approach the bass and cause technique ...

So the palm of my fret hand is almost cupping the back of the neck. There are degrees to which you can do this, so you need to experiment with this to ...

This is a typical hand position for playing high-speed riffs or solos. The speed shape doesn't offer you much finger strength so won't be able to do bends ...

Midsection of man playing bass guitar

low position

Save Your Hands!

Left hand finger tips near the frets

Guitar Playing Affecting Shooting Holdin10

Bass Tutorial – How To Mute With The Fretting Hand

Good form on the F chord

5 Amazing Finger Exercises For Beginners To Improve Your Guitar Playing

Notice how the first joints of my left-hand fingers are right over the knuckles of my right hand.

BEGINNERS COURSE – Part 4 – Fretting hand position and technique

holding the bass by the fretboard

Playing an F note on the first fret on the high E string is different from playing F on the low E string. Since the finger has further to reach to get ...

Standing form sm


The Ultimate Guide To Guitar. Chapter II: 6 Technique - Muting | Guitar Lessons @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

All pictures from Music Theory for the Bass Player ©CapCat Music Publishing

palm muting position with fret hand ready to pick

The first one here: ...

The fret hand thumb normally supports the hand behind the neck.

The First 4 Chords & Basic Left Hand Position

Use the tip of your fingers to press down the strings and place them as close to the fret as possible. (Don't place your fingers on the fret!)

Guitar technique four finger chromatic

Bass String Muting Technique – The Best Way To Do It

Blues Bass guitar lessons About This Course. Your fretting hand ...

Muting with the thumb. Good thumb position

How to Position Your Hands for Bar Chords

Unnatural Finger Position

fretting hand. So why do we not want the wrist to bend? If your elbow is in the wrong position then it causes your arm to twist. This obviously causes your ...

The optimum position for your hand when you are fretting. Avoid holding the plectrum at right angles to your index finger, otherwise your wrist may lock.

Sometimes the thumb is actually used to fret notes. Jimi Hendrix was famous for fretting bass notes along the sixth string with his thumb and then using his ...

Practice Tips: Exercises and Guitars for Small Hands

It's not just the equipment that makes the player. Your technique is equally important,

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For this installment, I'd like to get back to basics and share with you some tips that address the mechanics of hand technique.

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Yeah, that's a pretty horrible play on words, however, look at the hand position of a guy like Christopher Parkening. World renowned classical guitarist.

Getting the basics of technique down